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Friday, April 10, 2009

the thrid entry

asalamualaikum, it feels like yesterday i walk throuh the uitm segamat gate and start off on a new chapter of my life. it is nearing the end of my first semester as a student in uitm segamat and the final exam is just around the corner. the lecture in our class especially the computer science subject are struggling to last minute revision and extra classes for us.

although my c++ test is not promising an A+ but anyway i'll striggle to the finish so that i pass this paper. it is tiring to go to class while the other does not. in order to achieve my goal, i have to set aside this feelings. all in the class has bonded with each other ot like in the beginning of the semester where everyone does't know each other yet.

myfirst final exam paper will start on the 22th of april and will end on the 8th of may. all this studying, test,quizes and extra classes are quite annoying especially the extra classes part, who goes to class on a sunday???it is a wonderfull experience that i gain here and a couple of bad one too along the way. but the main point is that i've enjoy my self and loking foward to the next semester.