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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fourth Entry

hyee there all my friend...

Maybe you're wondering what i'm doing right now. now im at the end of my first sem as a Uitm student in segamat. my very first time away from home, not so far from home but i thinks it still counts. by the way its also the end of my final exam and i'm still in a pinch. the college application, the food subsidy and other things that has been done online is very frustrating. all have to be done at the last minutes and we're informed late and everyone is in a very bad mood especially me and my roommates.

tomorrow also we have a cs119 class to discuss about past sem question papers. that the other thing that frustrate me....how can my class be the only class to have extra at the end of the semesterwhile everyone is busy for the exam and others going home early... i just got back from home and the problem just keep coming. final exam + college problems + my bike have to be repaired = a big headache and no amout of panadol can cure...

we are all now very close friends, from virtual srangers to bestest of buddy. me and my friend we're looking foward for the holidays and also for the next semester and the fsct that we 're no longer part 1 but part 2 students. problems will come to past and a new chapter of our lives shall reveal a bright future. i wonder, which room will i get next semester????
this question will be answered soon enough.

maybe this will my last blog entry this semester...we will never know..
i've nothing left to say but best of luck to eveyone and have a good holidays.