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Friday, January 30, 2009

23 jan 09 was the start of my 1 week long holiday. Before that, there were some assignment that was given to us to do during the holiday like updating this blog for CS119 class that is conducted by Mr. Malik. The were also a pre-test that was set-up by Mr. Malik and it took me by surprise. It was about the digital logic, logic gate, 1st and 2nd compliment, and a few other things.

That week, was a bit slow because of the upcoming holiday. Everyone is looking forward for this. The class for CS125, we have to combine with part-2 and it is quite fun actually because there were more people than usual. The CTU101 class also have it's share of assignment, the topic that we have to do is quite the hand full but as the team leader this isn't the time to be lazy. The day after the holiday, Ustazah Norizan wants to see the finish product or so to speak. We already divided our task and after the holiday we have to paste it all together to make whole.

The MAT210, have a brief class because we were discussing about pact year questions and the other class have to be cut short because Pn. Siti Fatimah Nur have urgent things that need her immediate attention. On friday, the last day before the holiday, Mr, James said that there will no class that day and we can go back home early. That day was different because there were friends that accompanying me to back home rather than last time ihave to go back all by my self.

The holiday was quite boring actually, there were nothing to do back home. Usually on weekends there will be an activity at the university. I just sleep all day and some times go out at night to meet my friends. The holiday is coming to a close and I'm getting ready to go back to the university. Well that all that i can conclude about the week before and the holiday itself.