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Friday, January 9, 2009

7 jan 09,Wed. the first class for cs119 with anew lecture and i'm late. I came to class 5 minutes early and i saw my friend izuddin just standing there alone infront of the class. i stood there with my friend for quite some time,12 minutes to be excact. a few of my friend also came an we stood there together. We thought that was an another class.

me and my friend tried to called the class rep. but all we got was voicemail. Then i called my other friend Annur, she said that it was the right class and the lecture has change. Then we all went into the class. The lecture name was Mr. Abdul Malik, fairly young and sporting in my opinion. He's method of teaching was interesting and enjoyable. That day, we learn about computer system, software, hardware, network, operating system, and many more. The class ended quite soon, maybe because i went into the class a little bit late. Excuseable for the first meetig with the new lecture, i think.

In the afternoon, i have a cs125 class with Pn Sharifah bte Aliman, we learn about pseudocode and flowchart. the class was short because she has to go back and forth because she was teaching 2 class at once.

That it, for that day.This is my first time writing a blog and i hope this blog meets the demand of Mr Abdul Malik expectation.