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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Part 2

yesterday is quite tiring for me i think.....its a sunday but it feels like any other day..

that morning i woke up late as usual for a sunday morning and who is going to blame for that...
i was at my home because i have gone home this weekend to finish up some errands that need my attention. i played "kompang" this pas saturday, it is somewhat a rush having the chance to play "kompang" with my friends. i felt worth it that i came back this weekend.

at home i just lay back and feel like he burden that i'm carrying is lifted for just a moment. i start the journey home at 12.30pm with my bike. the journey is long for me ...i guess and my back side is killing me....i was lucky that the rain does not fall because it is a bother if the rain start to fall. the road was not even and there is holes here and there.

i reach uitm around 2pm and staight to my room, there i unpack all my thing and then have an afternoon nap. in the evening we all played football and that is the cause that my foot ache likes crazy...

hemmm.....i think that is all for today....