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Sunday, August 9, 2009

saying hyeee for this sem

where should i start, maybe from the beginning where we all started the first day of our second semester. i'm in the same room with my last sem roomate Dita. the day pas by same as usual as last sem but with an addition of part 1. its weird to see them because we were thm last sem, its like looking back at ourselves. it seems like i'm a sentimantal type...NOT.

the first day of class for these sem is quite rush, with classes back to back from 8a.m. to 6p.m. its sure make me look foward to sleep for the night. the goog thing about it is i don't have a night classes like the rest of my friend and a few part 1 as well.

ptptn......i stood there for a long time and the result is not in my favor. i'm quite dissapointed, but i got to suck it up and look forward and beyond that as well. after that thing is behind me, there is the matter of the mid sem break that is brought forward because of the H1N1 apedemic that is breaking loose.

despite that i got to go on my moutain expedition with the recreational club, its a fun expedition with lot of good memories. this is one of the thing that i look forward this sem, its is breath of fresh air.

there sem is just beginning and a lot more thing to look forward to..we just wait and see